SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

The Challenges

  • Keep your organisation protected with minimal impact to business operations 
  • Comply with local and international data privacy and protection regulations,
  • The shortage, and expense, of skilled technical resources and
  • High cost of ongoing support operations.

The Benefits

  • You get all the benefits of a SOC without the complexity and cost of an on-site deployment, 
  • Located in SA, our SOC is based on, and supported by, the award-winning NIL SOC in Europe 
  • You can be protected much faster and with minimal CAPEX outlay 
  • Shorter deployment time means lower deployment costs
  • Provides enterprise-grade SOC services to small businesses.
SOC as a Service

Cyber crime is rising

Attacks against organizations are on the rise, with an average per-incident cost of more than R50-million and attackers are inventing ever more sophisticated business models to launch their attacks.

Our SOCaaS (SOC as a Service), provides you with a locally based Cybersecurity Operations team, enabling you to manage your business while we protect it. 

Core Detection

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Extended data visibility
  • ISO9001 / 27001 and POPI Compliance
  • Automated analytics
  • External and internal

Incident Response

  • Incident containment
  • Notifications and reporting
  • Remote or on-site response support
  • Prevention of business loss

Proactive Detection

  • Threat hunting
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Intelligence sharing
  • Deception and honeypots


  • Report interpretation
  • Risk assessment
  • Security roadmap
  • Management
  • Improvement of security maturity