Next Cohort Start Date

April 2024


Personalised Mentorship

Benchmark assessments assist NIL Africa with personalising the mentorship requirements for each delegate.


Fundamental Recap

Delegates will review the fundamental courses to ensure they are prepared for the exam.


Mentor-Led Sessions

Delegates will receive 50 hours of dedicated mentorship.


Progress Reports

Creation of exam progress report are done for both the sponsors and delegates to track progress and activities.


Future-Ready Training

The program quips delegates with advanced, future-ready skills, setting them apart in the industry.


Key Specialisations

Programme covers all tech areas, including top specialisations chosen by experts for industry relevance.

Programme Details
The programme spans 10-12 months, meticulously designed to enhance I.T. skills through a blend of self-paced learning, mentorship, and instructor-led training.
Phase 1 - Foundation and Skill Development
This phase focuses on reinforcing tech area fundamentals, supported by weekly mentorship.

Included into the programme is software programming and automation courses, essential for modern network engineering.
Phase 2 - Core Exam Preparation
In this phase, delegates will focus on a core course specific to the delegate's tech area, with weekly instructor-led training.

The following week, delegates will be doing an exam readiness workshop, leading to the core examination.
Phase 3 - Specialist Course and Exam Readiness
Finally, delegates will complete their key specialisation course with weekly mentored sessions.

The specialisation courses will be followed by a recap through an exam readiness workshop, followed by the specialist exam.
Phase 4 (For South Africa Only)
The final two months are dedicated to ICITP self-study and examination.
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CCNP Programme Tech Areas

The CCNP programme focuses on specialisation in the following areas;


Enterprise Infrastucture
Manages complex networks within organisations for optimal connectivity.


Service Provider
Delivers scalable network services for telecoms and ISPs.


Secures the network infrastructure and data transmission against unauthorised access and cyber threats.


Enables team communication through digital tools.


Developer Network
Provides resources and tools for developing applications, automating workflows, and integrating Cisco products.


Cyber Security
Defends against digital attacks on systems and data.