NIL Managed ISE

NIL Managed ISE

The Challenges

ISE is often sold but not implemented because it is a highly complex and costly implementation, there is a lack of certified technical resources and the cost of ongoing support is very high.

The Benefits of NIL Managed ISE

 You get all the benefits of Cisco ISE but without the complexity and cost of an on-site deployment, you are more secure much faster because a hosted solution can be in weeks rather than months, shorter deployment time, means lower deployment costs, you don’t have to worry about the lack of ISE implementation skills in the market and we use your existing un-installed licenses – no need to buy again and we maintain and monitor the health of the ISE service, which means that you don’t have to worry about support

NIL Managed ISE

The path to next-generation secure network access.

NIL Hosted ISE (Identity Services Engine) solves the deployment and support challenges of one of the most powerful security solutions in the market, while transforming your network with the capabilities needed to handle today’s digital demands.