The Cisco Platinum Learning Library gives you online certification, product, and technology training, all in one place. From routing and switching to data centre, from security to collaboration to the cloud, your workforce can ramp up to speed on Cisco products and technologies anytime, anywhere.

A Cisco Platinum Learning Library subscription provides real-time training for your network today and for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Cisco Platinum Learning Library Benefits

  • Accelerate in-house expertise by building, validating, and reinforcing knowledge to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce overhead for training and travel costs
  • Maximize your team’s ability to deploy and support new technologies to enable your digital transformation
  • Support technology career paths for your team
  • All Cisco's latest online training, period
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Apple laptops, as well as tablets and smartphones. You and your team can access our world-class portfolio of online training products anywhere, anytime.